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Are you tired of today’s complex, paper-driven, antiquated insurance transaction workflow?

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We keep it simple!

If you're an independent licensed professional like an Estate Planner, Group Agent, Financial Advisor, Ancillary Agent, Property and casualty Agent, or Real Estate Agent, and you are looking to add our services to your existing offerings we’ve got the solutions for you.

White Wing Technology
Technology made easy!

Our solutions not only streamline your processes but also provide the means to expand your client base. With our online storefront and digital prospecting features, you can harness the power of online platforms to generate leads and grow your business exponentially. 

Start experiencing the White Wing Insurance Solutions today and gain the freedom and flexibility of running your insurance agency from anywhere. Discover how our innovative technology can help you organize your transactions, communicate effectively, and maximize your earning potential.


Together, let's fuel the growth of your business.

Keep your

Technology users can increase their sales potential by more than 30% yearly.

White Wing Platform
White Wing Services
Bettr and White Wing
No License is needed!
By becoming a Referral Partner with WWIS and Bettr

While some of their most profitable and in-demand services don’t require a license of any kind to distribute, 1 in 10 of our solutions do. In addition to resources to get licensed, we provide the mentoring and support necessary to launch a business. We offer the technology, education, business guidance, and marketing resources to help you promote, monitor, and grow a meaningful business. Are you ready to take control of your income?

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We are simplifying today’s complex, paper-driven, antiquated insurance transaction workflow to empower insurance agents to deliver an exceptional experience to every insurance buyer and seller. WWIS gives you time back by building a support network around you.

Become digital

Expand your digital footprint with your online presents and WWIS sales technology. Our platform is a combination of integrated software as well as value-added services, all tailored to the insurance and financial industry.

Supercharge your business

WWIS increases your sales with more product offerings helps protect your clients from financial risk and informs

them of over 4,000 product options available in the current insurance market. 100% Commission earned.

Sell Differently

Catch the magic of the WWIS sales approach influence, process and self mastery the most powerful cutting-edge human technology that combines heart and math and unlocks your super power of integrous influence to produce profoundly more optimal results in your leadership, management, marketing, selling, recruiting, fundraising and positive impact.

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