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WWIS is a new breed of generalist/multi-class Insurance Technology Company using innovative (systems) to

(attract) agents who are in need, helping clients, with executing policies online, managing enrollments, customer service, and distributing revenue. We are a diversified player and target generalist insurance business.

Joshua Schneeloch, Founder and CEO 

WWIS doesn’t target niche markets. We are a larger and more diversified player that offers independent producers access to many insurance carriers and their products. Our service integrates the latest quoting and enrollment technology to provide efficient operation and low distribution costs. Through these efficiencies, we encourage new forms of partnerships with insurers, carriers, and agents. 


We strive to deliver peace of mind to our clients as we help them insure their families, and businesses, fund estate plans, and pursue their philanthropic interests. 


Our collaborative team of experts is recognized in the insurance industry and staffed with excellently trained agents of high integrity.

Please reach out to our business team call our main Office phone number: +1 (310) 620-7971

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