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Introduction for "IMPowerED Live" Podcast Series with Glen Wagstaff and Joshua Schneeloch

Welcome to "IMPowerED Live," the podcast series that shines a spotlight on success, peak performance, and personal development in the world of insurance and estate planning. 









Together, Joshua and Glen merge their unique perspectives to explore the intersection of insurance, estate planning, and personal development. They'll delve into the strategies, mindsets, and success stories that can transform your financial future and empower you to live your best life.

Join us on this thrilling journey of discovery and empowerment as we navigate the complex world of insurance and estate planning while uncovering the secrets to peak performance. "IMPowerED Live" is your passport to a brighter financial future and a more empowered life. Get ready to embark on this transformative adventure with us!


Let's dive in!


On the other side of the coin, we have Glen Wagstaff, a distinguished attorney and the founder of one of the largest estate planning law firms in the Nation called Intervivosplan and LSPN Pro. Glen brings a wealth of legal expertise and a deep understanding of the intricacies of estate planning. His mission is to guide individuals on the path to securing their legacy and protecting their assets, ensuring that their hard-earned wealth benefits them and their loved ones for generations to come.

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Joshua Schneeloch, known as the White Wing Visionary and CEO in the insurance world, has blazed a trail of excellence by following in the footsteps of industry giants like Patrick Bet-David and Sean Callagy. With his extensive experience and relentless commitment to peak performance, Joshua has become an expert in dissecting the habits and strategies of high achievers within the insurance realm. He's not only a seasoned entrepreneur but also an author who shares his invaluable insights to empower listeners like you to elevate your life to new heights.

First Episode:

Introduction the IMPowerED Live Show

Presenter: Joshua Schneeloch and Glen Wagstaff

Second Episode:

Special Needs Planning - Why is Special Needs Planning so important?

Guest: Jenneby from Intervivos Law 

Third Episode:

LegacyShield, Client Vault

Communicate and collaborate with clients online.  

Guest: Ray Ramirez, Director Product 

Forth Episode:

DebAmerica, How to reduce Depts 

Guest: Tony Gaita, Senior Vice President 

Fifth Episode:

Notary Network - How much can you earn becoming a member of the Notary Network of LSPN Pro 

Guest: Rebecca Ramirez, Notary and Attorney 

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