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Save time you would otherwise spend aggregating complex data from carriers across the country and invest your energy in other mission-critical areas of operations.

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Increase revenue by broadening product portfolios and availability, making it easier for insurance buyers to find the perfect plan.

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Integrate WWIS's comprehensive insurance database into your existing applications to cover more ground and bring new products to market faster.

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Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you always have access to accurate real-time health insurance data.

Supercharge Insurance Sales and Marketing
with Software That Keeps Your Business
Open All Day Long

The Insurance Online Referral Portal is a powerful collaboration between LSPN PRO and White Wing Insurance and is a part of the IMpower program. 

Imagine supplementing your current sales with an array of high-demand insurance offerings, seamlessly integrated into your existing platform.

With our partnership, you can effortlessly expand your portfolio to include Travel, Property & Casualty, Accident, and Health Insurance, all while maintaining your focus on what you do best.

This cutting-edge platform empowers you to build a bridge between your clientele and a comprehensive suite of insurance solutions. Whether you're an established agency or an aspiring agent, our Insurance Online Referral Portal empowers you to generate more leads, drive more sales, and become a true generalist broker.

Picture this: Your insurance online page becomes a one-stop destination, offering a broader spectrum of coverage options for your clients. Seamlessly integrate your WFG portal, provide unmatched value, and watch your business soar to new heights.

Don't limit yourself to the status quo. Embrace a future where you're not just an agent – you're a trusted advisor, offering a diverse range of insurance services tailored to your clients' needs. 

    Quoting Landing Page
  • We create and maintain your dedicated
    quoting landing page

  • Domain,
    Hosting and SEO

  • Make it your own branded front-and backend quoter

  • Client-Driven Shopping

  • Integrate your WFG 

  • Professional Quoting and Enrollment Engine 

  • End-to-End CRM Tool  

  • Agent Back Office 

  • Quote and enroll in your resident state IFP /
    Small Group 2+

  • Health Plan Data Access

Klatschen Publikum
LSPN PRO Education & Ressources
  • Webinar Library

  • Insurance-related CE Academy

  • Product Training

  • Enrollment Kits

  • Sponsored Events and Speakers

BOB Management Tool
  • 24/7 access to your data from anywhere on any device

  • Unlimited, off-site storage & data backup 

  • Serious security — HIPAA, bank-grade encryption,
    & two-step verification

  • Free customer support 

  • Agent commission statement access

  • Uncover missed commissions!

  • Create projections & compare actual vs.
    expected commission

Feature Set:
White Wing Insurance Solutions Feature Set

LSPN IMpower Program


per month

Detailed Service Description

These services come only with
the IMpower program
 and is provided from 
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