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How Small Businesses Can Provide Health Benefits to Part-Time Employees

Healthcare plans are sold in bulk. Knowing this simple fact makes it easy to understand why health plans are so elusive for small businesses, part-time employees, and solo contractors. The fewer people in your health plan, the less healthcare is available. While insurance providers are required to cover all full-time employees, small businesses with modest health benefits often struggle to offer similar or even sufficient healthcare for their part-time team. How do you ensure that your entire staff have healthcare coverage? Additionally, in the new normal, how can you ensure their coverage will be available and helpful to families at home?

Where there is demand, there is an answer. As a small business, you can choose from several options or the best combination services to line up healthcare beyond the minimum mandatory benefits. Whether you are seeking to take better care of your part-time team or attract valuable part-time candidates, the right healthcare solutions can significantly increase the value and care you offer as an employer.

Taking Care of Part-Time Employees With Health Benefits

Part-time employees are on the rise as industries contract in response to the pandemic. New roles and revised roles are more likely to be part-time due to a vast variety of business factors. While this may be a practical business decision, it can hurt employees who lose their full-time health benefits. Fortunately, you don't have to leave your part-time employees uncovered for medical care.

With these tactics, you can take care of your part-time team by offering virtual and truly valuable medical benefits outside of traditional full-time or large-scale employee healthcare plans.

Integrated HRA Plan

Many small businesses create a Health Reimbursement Arrangement, or HRA plan for employees. This is a basic benefits plan along with a floating fund that can be allotted to health services. In this way, employees each have a fund they can budget for the appointments and treatments they need throughout the year.

Join a Healthcare Group Membership

The first option for any small business is to join a health plan membership group. By many names, essentially these are alliances of small businesses to form one industrial-sized healthcare plan. With this team membership, many small businesses can - together - offer their employees benefits that compete with large-scale enterprises.

These healthcare groups are all looking to improve the shared health care, so recruiting new small-business members is good for the whole group. Through these methods, you can offer part-timers and even your valuable contractors a set of competitive health benefits.

Small-Business Healthcare Service

There are also provider companies that specialize in small business accounts. These are health companies or organizations that offer a special small-business health benefits package. Usually, they do this by accumulating health partners and building a set of services that will be respected across the board, or by approved providers.

Rather than forming a co-op, these healthcare services collect a massed client-base of small businesses. In mass, they can create a bulk account and attain respectably affordable healthcare for the employees of their business clients.

Focus on Telehealth and Prescription Services

When choosing your healthcare plans for part-time employees, remember to focus on telehealth and other at-home useful services. Right now, prescription services that help employees save on necessary medications. Remote medical services are among the most helpful because they assist the working, learning, and quarantine at-home lifestyle. Together, they create excellent basic coverage for social-distancing professionals and their families.


With an AdvoHealth business membership, you can provide your part-time employees with ample health benefits. AdvoHealth includes free access to telehealth doctors through TeleDoc, along with two prescription streamlining and cost reduction services. MyRXValet is an across-the-board prescription cost reduction while Healthcare Bluebook provides insight into which pharmacies offer prescriptions at a lower price. In addition, American Air Assistance provides non-emergency air transport to any specialty hospital, reducing the costs of mandatory health treatments and specialist visits.

If you are a small business wanting to cover your part-time team, offer competitive health benefits, or just take better care of your staff than your health plan provides - I would like to invite you to try AdvoHealth. Membership is simple and affordable with per-employee and per-family sign-up. Contact me today to talk about your small business health benefits and how we can help

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