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White Wing
Insurance Solutions

We are a new breed of generalist/multi-class broker. We

are a diversified player and targeting generalist business. White Wing doesn’t target niche markets. We are a

larger and more diversified player that offers independent agents access to many carriers. Our system integrates

the latest quoting and enrollment technology to provide efficient operation and low distribution costs. Through these efficiencies, we encourage new forms of partnership with insurers, carriers, and agents.


We're passionate about changing insurance agents'

lives by giving them a sales enablement system that helps them succeed.


Everyone who uses White Wing Insurance Solutions feels

the thrill of selling health insurance deals faster — in a way that truly improves their buyers' lives. 


White Wing improves the performance of every

insurance agent who uses it — whether they were previously a low, medium, or high performer.


Insurance agents who use White Wing end up feeling empowered and successful — and have more quality time to spend with their families, friends, and communities.

Manager Portrait

Antawong L. Thompson 


CEO of Thompson and Associates, Inc.

White Wing is a great solution in every way. One aspect

of White Wing is that I love their broker support department, having my back with all the dirty work so

I can focus on my agency and not loose out on any sales opportunity. 

Paul Steinbrenner 


State Voluntary Benefits 

Sales Coordinator

I was very skeptical about the White Wing solution at first. Man was I wrong! I have marketed my health insurance service for only a couple of my existing Aflac groups and seen amazing results getting small groups offering

health insurance benefits to their employees. White Wing Insurance is taking my business to the next level.

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Bussinesswoman Portrait

Janice Adamson


Chief Executive Officer at

Adamson Insurance Services, Inc.

Offering my clients a competitive employee benefits package is a critical element in staying competitive in todays insurance world. Having White Wing as my solution partner gives me a judge advantage to keep my groups as long as possible stay with me. The judge product and back office support from White Wing helps me to stay focus on sales activity.

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Manager Portrait

Joshua Schneeloch 


CEO White Wing Insurance Solutions

48% of reps struggle with being productive in

remote environments. 

64% of agents struggle with the overwhelming

insurance industry, we help to streamline processes.

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