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Choosing the Right Insurance Professional 

All brokers or agents shown on this search engine act as independent licensed professional who represents different insurance companies.

You as an insurance shopper have lots of options for buying your next insurance policy. Despite all the fuss over the latest digital distribution fads, we estimate that 80% of all insurance is still purchased through an insurance agent. This means it’s still important to know how to find a good insurance agent.

Below we provide you with six (6) useful tips to help you select your next agent.

What type of insurance do you need?

Some agents will offer many types of insurance and some will be limited in their offerings. Be very clear and specific when asking for some numbers. 

Visit their websites

See if their website provides insurance information and easy access to price quotes, either online or via telephone. Scroll further down and pick any agent's website. 

What are your expectations

A good way to gauge if the agent can live up to your expectations is by asking them for a quote before you commit to doing business with them. 

Decide if location is important to you

Many independent agents are deeply committed to their community and are actively involved as coaches, scout leaders, or civic leaders. Every agent below has a phone number you can reach out to.

Knowledge and trust are key

Start by asking the independent agents you are considering to explain the products they sell and how they determine which products, coverage and limits you need.

Does he understand you?

Since your insurance is the foundation of your financial plan, your insurance agent should spend some time getting to understand your needs, your goals, and your objectives. Purchasing your insurance is about you, not them.

Choose the right insurance professional from the Insurance Network below.  Click on search agent by state.

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