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A Memoir, Book Tour, and the Power of Strengths in Celebration of Black History Month

Las Vegas, Nevada, Monday, December 19, 2022, 5:30 PM at the Money 2.0 Conference
The Money 2.0 Conference, spotlighted the groundbreaking work of law, insurance, and financial services profession visionaries. During their exclusive recognition Trophy Ceremony, Joshua Schneeloch Founder and CEO of White Wing Insurance Solutions was honored for being a visionary leader and exemplary individual who has always been proactive at leveraging technology tools, optimizing the insurance business operations, and driving creative innovations in the insurance, human resources, and finance arenas.

In celebration of Black History Month, we turn our spotlight to our African-American founder Joshua Schneeloch, whose remarkable journey of self-discovery, memoir release, and transformative book tour takes center stage. Born in a tiny German village, raised in a secluded Catholic convent, and embracing his African-American heritage, Joshua's narrative weaves through the pages of history, bringing to light the power of resilience, identity, and the celebration of individual strengths.

Chapter 7: The Memoir Unveiled

Against the backdrop of Black History Month, Joshua Schneeloch's memoir takes on added significance. The pages promise not only a personal exploration of his unique journey but also an acknowledgment of the broader historical context in which his story unfolds. The memoir becomes a celebration of diverse experiences, highlighting the challenges faced by individuals of African-American descent in the pursuit of self-discovery and acceptance.

Chapter 8: The Musical Tapestry

As Joshua's musical odyssey unfolds during Black History Month, the resonance of his piano chords becomes a celebration of cultural diversity and the richness of African-American heritage. Through the harmonies, he shares not just his personal story but also invites audiences to connect with the broader narrative of the African-American experience. The book tour becomes a platform for the celebration of history, culture, and the enduring spirit of a community.

Chapter 9: The Strengths of Leadership

Within the framework of Black History Month, Joshua Schneeloch's leadership in the insurance industry takes on added significance. His StrengthsFinder Assessment becomes not only a guide for personal growth but also a tool for empowering African-American leaders to recognize and leverage their unique strengths. Joshua's advocacy aligns with the historical legacy of African-American leaders who have paved the way for progress, resilience, and excellence.

Chapter 10: Embracing Leadership Strengths

As Black History Month inspires reflection on the contributions of African Americans, Joshua's message resonates within the insurance industry and beyond. Embracing leadership strengths becomes a collective call to honor the legacy of African-American leaders who have shaped history. Joshua's journey, his advocacy for strengths-based leadership, and the celebration of Black History Month converge into a narrative that transcends personal boundaries, inviting individuals from all backgrounds to appreciate the diversity that enriches our collective story.


In the spirit of Black History Month, Joshua Schneeloch's multifaceted journey—from the unveiling of his memoir to the resonating chords of his piano during the book tour—takes on a deeper meaning. His celebration of African-American heritage becomes an integral part of the broader narrative, weaving together personal triumphs with the historical struggles and achievements of a community. As the memoir, the book tour, and the strength-based leadership message intersect, Joshua's story becomes a symphony that echoes the resilience, identity, and strength inherent in the celebration of Black History Month.


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