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PART 2 - Powerful Performance Platform Helps Ambitious Agents Fly High

Updated: Jun 27, 2023


Last month, I shared my personal story of fulfilling my life-long dream of coming to America, the birthplace of the American father I never knew, and how the insurance business gave me the opportunity to achieve the American dream. I created White Wing Insurance specifically to support other agents like myself who struggled in the arcane world of insurance.

I discovered the challenges faced by so many ambitious agents who struggled to start strong and build their books of business quickly. Unlike many other sales positions, insurance agents unfortunately are required to do a lot more than just sell insurance. They have to first learn and then maneuver a patchwork of state laws requiring a mountain of paperwork in a maze of regulatory imperatives. Their biggest barrier is balancing this huge administrative load with selling in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As I worked my way through this perilous obstacle course to achieve financial independence, I was determined to build a pathway to help other agents like myself, the vast majority of whom fail within the first 36 months.

That’s why I established the White Wing Performance Platform in 2019 for what I humorously refer to as “hungry, humbled agents in a hurry.” All agents start out with great ambitions, hungry to tap into the multi-billion-dollar industry, but are quickly humbled by herculean hurdles which deter them from reaching their goals in a timely fashion. If you are like me — always in a hurry — you are eager to reach your full potential as soon as possible. So, let me introduce you to White Wing. White Wing defines itself as an agent-to-broker performance platform. This platform provides a range of business services and solutions for our target market: systems integration, training, and development, back office support, and intelligence. We serve as a headquarters for solo agents, mainly “lone wolfs’’ held captive by one carrier, enabling them to project a more capable, confident, and comprehensive service footprint for their customers.

Let me share the myriad tools and benefits of the White Wing Performance Platform. Our platform aims to digitize, integrate and simplify all insurance workflows for White Wing agents and clients. It is built on the premise that integration and ease of use are foundational to enabling White Wing agents to more effectively run their businesses and serve their clients. Our platform is a service with mobile apps that allow agents to manage their business anytime and anywhere. We build elegantly designed user interfaces, automated and simplified workflows for agent-client interactions, and insight-rich dashboards and reports backed by AI and integrated data assets.

The most important feature of this unique agent-to-broker platform is its time-saving tools. You already know and the research indicates that insurance paperwork can be an absolute nightmare and time killer. It’s just the nature of the regulatory beast. On the client side, agents are tasked with a range of administrative tasks: prospecting, quoting, enrollment, and more. Our integrated CRM system and our dedicated team take care of all these tedious tasks while you focus on solving more of your clients’ pressing needs. All you have to do is set up the sale and we take it from there, your own team focused on your success. Then you have the duties associated with the carrier. We shoulder that load as well. Imagine contracting with dozens of carriers. My team will handle that. Commission reporting and reconciliation from all these carriers are other headaches we handle for you. Once the heavy lifting is done, our CRM allows you to keep track of all your various lines of business at every step in the process, seamlessly.

Equally important to help you manage your most precious asset — time, the White Wing performance system increases your earnings significantly. First, more time to prospect and close means more money in your pocket, but we go beyond that. Whereas most agents are held captive to one carrier with one line of products, White Wing and our strategic partners offer you a veritable one-stop mall of products and services to offer your clients, including health insurance, voluntary benefits, property and casualty, and even pet and travel insurance. We’ve formed strategic partnerships with over 300 carriers in all areas of insurance. You can earn immediate referral fees in some cases and build your own book of business to generate lifelong residual income. However, the most important aspect of the White Wing full-service insurance mall is client service and satisfaction. Research shows that when you can solve more of your client's problems and meet more of their needs, they are more likely to remain loyal to you, meaning they will stick with you longer, giving you more of their insurance budget. Sticky clients are like honey to a bear.

Even beyond the $1.2 trillion insurance market, White Wing has partnered with an industry-leading HR consulting firm – Harmony Roze – to provide a range of human resources services to your growing clients, including payroll, employee benefits, onboarding, performance management, professional development, and more. You see, Harmony Roze is built on a sophisticated SaaS data management and analytics system which streamlines a range of support services for your clients. This means you can earn revenue from a wide range of sources in the vast insurance sector as well as with enhanced human resource management.

In addition to offering these sophisticated data services and systems, White Wing uses valuable data analytics to help improve your business efficiencies. We harvest this information to make you a better decision-maker and entrepreneur. We track your progress and provide data-driven insights and coaching support so you can do more of what you do best and improve on your weaknesses. That’s how you continue to grow and grow faster and stronger.

Many of these core services come free with your White Wing partnership, but we also offer a suite of premier services designed to put rocket fuel in your tank. These include a range of marketing and sales tools: custom website and landing pages, lead generation software, personalized social media campaigns, and more. That means White Wing can serve not only as your administrative agency but as your advertising and marketing agency as well. When you consider our one-stop shopping mall, our extensive back office support, powerful data analytics, and coaching, White Wing sets you up for success. We put you in the CEO suite, where you control your trajectory and speed. That’s the White Wing Performance Platform, which I personally invite you to join.

Join today, for free, and we will start day one to set you up for long-term success. It’s simple. Visit us at, sign up in a few minutes and one of our dedicated team members will call you within 24 hours to put you on your path. Not only that, we want you to win quickly, so we will put our sales coaching team to work for you to ensure you make money in the first thirty days of joining. We know that if you experience success early, you’ll continue to experience it often.

So, let’s get started now. Your future awaits with White Wing. You have my personal guarantee.


JOSHUA SCHNEELOCH are the founder and CEO of White Wing Insurance Solutions and White Wing Wealth and the author of the upcoming memoir, “The Favored Son, How a Black Orphan Conquered Europe on His Way to America.” Website: Email:


White Wing is a world-class multicultural team of experts focusing on helping people secure their financial future by reducing risk. Through innovative digital access, White Wing agents make over 4,000 product options available to clients, delivering peace of mind to clients. White Wing is built on a strong foundation to help clients to get their financial house in order, by providing objective advice and creating comprehensive plans.

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