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Carolyn Pate

Group & Individual Health

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Worksite Benefits
Group Life Insurance



As a seasoned, licensed insurance professional my accomplishments are very much rooted in customer service. Helping to resolve difficult issues to benefit the customers’ best interest for more than 30+ years was where I started.

My ability to “SMILE” through the phone, allows me to gain the confidence of everyone I speak to while providing comfort, care, and consideration. My history as an insurance advocate for myself and my daughter was my initial introduction to an industry I would grow to become a passionate educator on a crusade.

Due to my personal and professional experiences, I set out on a goal to save individuals from medical financial heartache and distress by assisting in presenting them with a working understanding of their own insurance while educating them on helpful alternatives, through unique and personal benefit selections tailored just for them and their families.

What Are You Looking For?

Explore medicare plan options built for

your health and budget needs.


IFP On & Off Exchange
Health Insurance

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Group On & Off Exchange
Health Insurance

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Supplemental Plans

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IFP Fixed

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IFP Accident

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IFP Critical Illness

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IFP Cancer

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IFP Dental & Vision

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IFP Travel Insurance

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IFP LegalShield

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IFP IDShield

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IFP Disability

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IFP Life Insurance

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IFP Annuities

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IFP Long Term Care

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IFP Final Expense


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COVID Testing


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SPOT Pet Insurance
Affordable Pet Insurance Plan Options
Up to a 20% Discount


Home, Auto, Umbrella



General Liability, Workers Comp, Business Owners Policy

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National TeleMed


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