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Joshua Schneeloch

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Joshua has an amazing story that will be told in his upcoming memoir. It traces his birth in Germany, an orphan abandoned by his mother on his born day, and how he grew up in an 18th-century Catholic monastery, raised by devoted nuns. He never met his American father, but always longed to be an American like his dad. Dealing with the heartache of not knowing his family, the young Joshua came of age in a newly liberated Europe and took it by storm, first as an international high fashion model, and then as a media sensation and celebrity. He sang in a European pop boy band. Eventually, Joshua traded in his stage credentials to become a media producer and then a successful business leader by creating bold new approaches in the emerging media tech space. His resilience and determination drove him to succeed, and he did, overcoming obstacles along the way. During these years, he sharpened his business and leadership skills, all the while looking for a pathway to the America he always dreamt of.
He eventually got his chance to come to America, became a United States citizen in 2021, and started from scratch in a whole new world of business in an industry completely new to him, insurance. Again, like Midas with the golden touch, he made magic by impressing his bosses at Dickerson Insurance with creative ideas, tireless effort, and business innovations.
White Wing, founded in 2019 as a strategic disruptor in the insurance industry, is the culmination of his ambition to become a successful American businessman. It is audacious in its mission, to disrupt the insurance industry and pave the way for agents such as him to grow faster and reach their goals sooner.

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IFP Accident

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IFP Cancer

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IFP Travel Insurance

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IFP LegalShield

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IFP Disability

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IFP Life Insurance

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IFP Annuities

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IFP Long Term Care

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