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The Best Human Capital & Workforce Management Solution in Partnership with White Wing Insurance

Los Angeles-based Carrera Lee and White Wing Insurance Solutions is the new home of Harmony Roze HCM, a complete suite solution for HR, Time, Talent, and Payroll. With their HR solution Harmony Roze HCM, Carrera Lee assists clients on three fronts, refining and documenting workforce management processes to understand the business strategies and their effects on the client’s workforce and the technology changes required to support successful strategy execution. This is followed by defining and documenting the steps, sequence, and timing of the initiatives needed to align the workforce management strategy with the business strategy and reach their stated goals.

Carrera Lee TOP 10 HRMS Solution Provider in 2021.

We are extremely pleased to have Ramona Golden-Brown strengthen our partnership even further, Mona’s unique background in technology, information systems, human resources makes her a particularly strategic choice to lead the new HR offering Harmony Roze with White Wing Insurance Solutions.

“Harmony Roze allows clients to highlight development opportunities for their remote employees, prioritize conversations about their performance and career goals, and recognize all they do for the organization”.

Today, customers struggle to streamline their internal processes for maximum effectiveness, create efficiencies that result in cost reductions, etc. Still, they face staffing shortages, the need to provide their modern workforce with a current solution, and the need to do more with less. Alongside, clients have limited resources both in dollars and people and buyers who wear multiple hats. They lack access to a modern technology solution and, in most cases, have disparate HR, Payroll, Time solutions, and manual processes. And in addition to all of this, the needs and safety of each employee have taken the forefront.

WWIS new Partnership with Carrera Lee "Harmony Roze" works towards protecting the business and its people by implementing a sustainable solution built on unified human capital management software that will help operationalize business continuity processes and automate manual administrative tasks.

To support the clients, they help them in Safe Scheduling Practices like identifying essential employees by tracking the job requirements, skills, and certifications needed for different roles or shift types. Implement shift cohorts or work teams so the same employees consistently work together and utilize mobile shift fill options so employees can claim shifts right from their mobile devices via text.

Beyond the logistical issues that come with social distancing, PPE, and minimizing physical risks for employees, clients also have to think about keeping employees on task and engaged in their work. Harmony Roze HCM offers a host of Productivity and Engagement tools that take away stress and administrative hassle for employees to do meaningful work that positively impacts the company’s business goals. For instance, informed decision making through tracking activity, trust and transparency through communications and notifications, and greater efficiency through automated workflows.

According to Mona Golden-Brown, as a Founder & CEO of Carrera Lee Enterprises, today, it can become easy for employees to get detached from their career path and their contributions to broader business goals in a work-from-home setting. This can lead to lower productivity levels, less engagement, and a higher risk of burnout or dissatisfaction. To counteract this, Harmony Roze allows clients to highlight development opportunities for their remote employees, prioritize conversations about their performance and career goals, and recognize all they do for the organization.

“With the partnership of White Wing Insurance, Insurance Agents clients are able to ensure goals and objectives are still relevant by looking at performance trends and measuring the progress of their remote (and onsite) employees against the goals they’ve been assigned. This can help you better understand how effective their adjustment to remote work has been.”

In an instance, a Non-profit government-funded client was required to implement a new Covid-19 protocol which required all to submit paper questionnaires daily regarding their health and proximity to others that may have been infected with the virus. The mountain of paper questionnaires collected daily quickly became an unmanageable mess of binders. They needed a way to provide a consistent, easy, and manageable method of collecting the data for the foreseeable future.

Carrera Lee’s attestation system is built to be “a witness to” or “formally certify an employee’s response” they knew it was the exact solution for the client’s issue. Not only was the client able to stay aware of their employee’s well-being, but they were able to stay in compliance without the hassle of the mountain of paperwork.

For the days to come, this new partnership is expanding the reach in the Hospitality space to support the boutique hotel sectors and food & beverage franchisors and franchisees with a standardized full-service HR solution that includes HR as a Service and Software as a service. They are also working with Insurance Agencies to become part of their back-office offering.

Mona’s command of the industry and operations will ensure that White Wing members can offer now a HR solutions to remain at the forefront of the insurance industry, providing digital accessibility and services to clients and agents nationwide. She can be contacted by email

Parts of this article was originally published on MYTECHMAG

Managing Editor: Michael Stewart

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